We Listen in Colour.  Most people don’t know what they want until 'they see it'. We use sketches, illustrations and examples to help our clients better articulate their wishes, while still keeping them mindful of an overall vision.

We See Inside Out.  Our extensive experience as a multi-discipline design firm for corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants, health care facilities, hotels, conference centres, golf clubhouses, sports clubs and private residences has given us meaningful insights into what people really want, and consistently, a unique ability to solve design challenges with well-rounded wisdom.

We Present in 3D.  Our three-dimensional renderings, both hand drawn and computer illustrated, make decisions easier and help avoid costly re-builds, mid construction because it ‘doesn’t look like they thought it would’.

We Draw it in Blue.  Our computer generated architectural 'blue prints' and photographic renderings are state-of-the-art and have often been used as support to other contractors and consultants on site.

We Collaborate with a Smile.  While we are fully capable of doing completed design/build scenarios from the ground up, we also work easily with other consultants and building contractors. In many cases, our understanding of the total design/built process has not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, we have actually enhanced the total effect from the outside in.

We Transcend Space.  Sense of space is more than square footages. It’s colour, trim, furniture, accessories, traffic flow and transitions. We make it all work together in ways that allow for distinctive differences from room to room, yet are cohesive in effect.

We Customize Character.  When there doesn’t seem to be that unique piece of furniture or trim out there that feels right, then we design and build it just for you. Our millwork and cabinetry designs are works of art, fashioned by artisans in their unique fields. Treasures you’ll behold for years to come.

We Understand 'On Time & On Budget'  We clearly understand that every project has a budget and a specific time schedule. We navigate our clients through budget analysis and detailed project scheduling to ensure successful outcomes.

We Take it Personally.  Your project becomes a personal reflection of Nicholls & Associates. Your pride and our reputation depend on it. That’s why everything we do, we go the extra mile to make it perfect.